These slides originated from my graduate course on brain imaging at UWO. They are intended to provide 1) an introduction to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), with an emphasis on design and analysis, for students who are new to the field and2) a reference for experienced users (particularly the brain anatomy sections), and3) information for collaborators visiting Robarts Research Institute to assist them in planning well-designed and practical experiments on our system.

Presentations were updated onFebruary 4 , 2014 .


  1. 1: Introduction to fMRI and Philosophical Issues

TECHNICAL ASPECTS               

  1. 2: MRI Physics and Safety
  2. 3: From Neurons to BOLD: Origins of the fMRI Signal
  3. 4. fMRI Data Preprocessing

DESIGN AND ANALYSIS               

  1. 5: Experimental Design: Block Designs
  2. 6: General Linear Model
  3. 7: Experimental Design: Event Related Designs
  4. 8:How to Lie with fMRI Statistics / Group Data
  5. 9: A: Advance fMRI Analysis MVPA / B: MVPA Tutorial
  6. 10: A: Advanced Designs / B: Commentary and Proposal
  7. 11: Connectivity

CORTICAL ANATOMY               

  1. 12: Normalization
  2. 13: Brain Areas and Topography
  3. 14: Cortical Sulci